Go Green with Natural Soap!

Go Green with Natural Soap!

Did you know that Natural Soap is bio-degradable and does not harm the environment as much as commercial soaps, shower gels and other foamy products that contain  harmful chemicals? By using one of those nourishing handmade pieces of goodness you can make a difference and help nature.

Natural Soap is made from a combination of oils including precious essential oils, lye, herbs, natural scrubs and teas. The amounts of the ingredients have to be weighed precisely and have to be mixed at a certain temperature wearing protection gear such as gloves, glasses, mask, long preferably old clothing and something to cover the head.

The process is a little tricky and has to be done super carefully.¬† Handmade Natural Soap needs to cure for at least 4-6 weeks before it can be used and it increases in quality by curing even longer. Natural Soap is mild and gentle on the skin and has a wonderful lather. Let’s go green not only by using bio-degradable soap but also by supporting nature, self-sustainability, planting trees, fruits and vegetables the organic way!




Seifenmalerei is officially open! You wonder what Seifenmalerei means? Seifenmalerei is a combination of two German words that stand for soap and drawing. Seifenmalerei in general values the Art of Making Soap and while it serves to entertain you with everything that is interesting around the Art of Making Soap, you will find that every single piece of soap can be a unique little painting.

Seifenmalerei blogs about Natural Soap – soap that is made the cold processed way! Soap the way it has been done in the good old days when saponification has been invented. The skin is humans largest organ and in general is being washed with soap on a daily basis. Therefore one should consider the importance of this little scented object that is being used so often and by so many!

Natural Soap is free from chemicals and handcrafted with only delicate ingredients. Seifenmalerei blogs about soap their various colors, scents, infusions, herbs, scrubs and flowers but will have occasional surprises in store as well. Find out what Soap is best for your skin and why handmade soap is one of the most beautiful things in the world!

Seifenmalerei welcomes every visitor and wishes a bubbly stay!

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